Keeping your air conditioner working all summer longKeeping your air conditioner working all summer long

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Keeping your air conditioner working all summer long

I really don't enjoy the hot weather and the summers in England feel like they have been getting hotter and hotter in the last few years. I've needed to run my air conditioner day and night for the last few summers and if it breaks down I can't sleep at all. I've become pretty good at working out what I need to do to keep my air conditioner working including ongoing cleaning of filters and regular servicing by the air conditioning firm. This blog has some tips for other British houseowners on the most effective ways to keep their air conditioners working all summer long.



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Troubleshooting Your Chiller
25 January 2017

Air conditioning is an important appliance, especi

Troubleshooting Your Chiller

Air conditioning is an important appliance, especially on some of those hottest summer days. If your air conditioning stops working, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the problem. There are many problems in chiller repair where you will need a professional, but the following three problems are all ones that you can try to fix yourself.

Inadequate Cooling

If your air conditioning unit is cooling the space but not cooling it as much as you would like, then you could have a structural problem or a maintenance problem. Part of the problem could be that the unit you are using is too small to cool the space you have. If you have been living in the space for a while and have never experienced the problem before, then that's probably not it. Your evaporator may be dirty, not allowing the cool air to properly pass through. The evaporator should be cleaned at least once a year with a stiff brush.


If your condenser is not functioning at all, then the problem could be that the unit does not have any power. This does not mean that your whole house is without power; it could simply mean that the air conditioning unit has blown a fuse. Check the panel of circuit breakers and see if you can identify a problem. If you do, then you need to call a professional to change the wires and get the power to your unit back on. Your motor or your compressor could also be faulty. In both cases, you would need a professional to address the problem.

No Cooling

If you have the unit turned on but it is not cooling at all, then you need to first try lowering the thermostat. Perhaps you simply have the temperature too high. Your condenser may be dirty. You can clean the condenser coils with a dry cloth. You may need to straighten the fins while you have the unit open. While you have the unit open, you may also want to see if the unit is blocked. There could be grass or leaves that have found their way in the unit. Checking this area of your air conditioning unit periodically will keep any debris from building up. The problem could also be that your compressor is simply out of date; for this, you will need a professional to bring and install a new one. Last of all, you may need to add some refrigerant to the system.